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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


How can I pay the rental?

You can pay by credit card or by using CASH FORMULA. You will need to present a credit card with your name and surname when you pick up the vehicle or accompanied by a third party authorization or CASH FORMULA, ie the entire sum is left in a deposit and returned at the end of the rental.

When will you confirm my reservation?

Most bookings will be confirmed within 24 hours.If you have not yet received confirmation, check your email's spam filter before contacting us or contacting the agency.

Do I have to pay a surcharge for cancellation or modification of the reservation?

No, we do not apply surcharges for any booking modification of a rental vehicle.Reservations are fully refundable within 24 hours from the time of booking, unless it is less than 24 hours from pick-up date.We personally take care of all changes and cancellations, operations that are not carried out by our affiliates.If you return the vehicle first, no refund will be given for the days of non-use.

What do I need when I pick up the vehicle?

It will always have to present the booking voucher issued by the agency.This contains specific information about the rental car, the price and other data.If you make a reservation online or by telephone, the voucher will be sent by e-mail or fax.At the place of collection of the vehicle, a rental agreement or a signed confirmation must be signed, either by e-mail or fax.In addition to the voucher you must present your passport (or identity card), driving license and credit card.If the license is in a language that the local office can not read (eg Chinese), show us an international driving license.We do not accept copies of the documents indicated.The originals must be presented.

What kind of insurance can I have for my rental car?

All our rates include liability insurance and fire insurance.All our quotes included, in most cases, also theft insurance.CDW-TP insurance exempts the customer from any financial liability in relation to the vehicle in the event of an accident or theft.In most cases, to obtain collision and theft coverage, the customer will have to pay an additional cost.Most car hire companies can offer insurance on the spot, which can reduce the amount of the deductible.It is up to the customer to decide what best suits its needs.

Can I take the rental car to another country other than the pick-up?

In some cases it is possible, while in others not.Almost always we adopt the formula pick-up and return in different city or station (also abroad) under an additional contribution agreed with our staff.You can get a quote through the website and Frank Car's department will contact you and tell you the possibilities.If you do not wish to confirm the quote, or the reservation, you can cancel both at any time.

Can I book for someone else?

Anyone can book through our website for someone else and pay with a credit card.However, the person who picks up the vehicle must present a credit card with his own name in order to collect the vehicle or with a form issued by Frank Autonoleggio to authorize the payment and rental of the car; Credit card holder will be included on the contract as the first driver.

Is it possible to rent a GPS navigation system together with the car?

In some cases it is possible to rent a GPS system together with the vehicle.It is necessary to solicit this accessory when requesting a quote or directly at the desk.Frank Autonoleggio will contact you and inform you about all available options.Some additional costs may be applied and must be paid locally.

Are there other fees?

Our rates are all inclusive, therefore no other costs are applied.In case of additional charges, our Frank Autonoleggio staff will inform you before the pick-up.If you do not accept these costs, you can cancel your reservation at any time.

I have a foreign license, can I use your services?

Yes, you can use our services even with a foreign license.If the local office should not be able to read your driving license (eg if written in Chinese), show us an international driving license.

What is the cost for the extra driver?

Costs for an additional driver vary from location.In some cases there are no additional charges, in some cases the cost is a few euros per day, exactly 10.00 euros including VAT, 60.00 euros for 7 days rental, 90.00 euros per month rental.When requesting an online quote indicate the additional driver option;our booking department will inform you about costs before pick-up.If you do not accept these costs, you can cancel your reservation at any time without charge.

Can I be sure that the chosen vehicle will be available?

If the vehicle selected for booking is not available at the time of pick-up, Frank Autonoleggio's personnel will deliver a similar model to you.We guarantee the category, but not the brand and / or model.

How much is the amount?

The one-time fee varies from location to office.After making a reservation and obtaining a quote, our Frank Car Rental Department will inform you about costs before pickup.If you do not accept these costs, you can cancel your reservation at any time without charge.

Can the car be delivered to the place where you stay, eg in the hotel?

In some cases it is possible.Sometimes this involves additional costs.Contact us if you want home delivery.

How are snow tires, ski racks and chains counted?

Snow tires, ski racks and chains are always a special option and are not included in the estimate.You will need to pay an additional cost upon collection.In some cases snow tires and / or chains are mandatory.

How can I pay the extras?

The extras not included in the estimate must be paid at the place of collection.

Are the promotions that appear on the home page for all customers?

The promotions included in the home page are exclusively reserved for credit card holders.Furthermore, these promotions are limited based on the availability of the cars.

Is the rental cost inclusive of VAT?

The Terms and Conditions shown are an integration of those provided on the Rental Contract signed by the Customer, which is fully referred to.VAT 22%: All prices shown on this page are in Euro and are increased by 22% VAT

Are there any territorial limitations?

The driver authorized to drive can travel in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland.Transits to Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are allowed, except for the H, L groups. Crossing of the borders for all countries is not allowed.

Is it possible to extend the rental?

The extension of the rental is permitted after our prior authorization, requesting it at least 24 hours before the date set for the return.In case of extension of the charter without prior authorization, the extra days will be billed with the highest Standard daily rate published in the current price lists.

Is there a tolerance in the timetable?

The Customer is obliged to inform the rental agency of any delay for the pick-up of the vehicle, in the event that this does not happen, a tolerance of 1 hour is applied on the basis of the scheduled exit time;once this tolerance has been exceeded, the reservation will be deemed null and void without notice.Returning of all vehicles a tolerance of 59 minutes will apply, after that an extra charge will be charged, the amount of this supplement is € 20.00 + VAT between 20:00 and 22:59. € 31.00 + VAT for deliveries between 23:00 and 24:00. After 24:01, the supplement will be € 65.00 + VAT

Does the rental day include 24 hours?

One day of rental includes 24 hours.Rental begins at the day and time of delivery of the vehicle and ends the day and time of the return of the vehicle to Frank Autonoleggio.The vehicle is delivered in perfect condition and must be returned in the same condition.

Is civil liability covered by third party RCA included?

Our fleet is covered by insurance that includes third party liability (RCA)

What should I do in case of accident or damage?

The Customer is obliged to urgently communicate to Frank Autonoleggio for any traffic accident or damage in writing within 24 hours of the event or at the time of return of the vehicle, using the CID form that will be found among the documents supplied with the vehicle or the Complaint Form Sinister, also performing the investigations by the competent authorities.Failure to comply with this obligation causes serious damage to Frank Autonoleggio, therefore there is a charge as a penalty to be paid by the driver from € 600.00 (amount not including VAT) up to a maximum of € 2.200,00 (amount not including VAT).

What happens in case of fines or missing highway tolls?

The fines collected during the rental will be charged to the customer.Frank Autonoleggio will inform the competent Authorities of the name of the Customer / driver (Renewal) as provided for by law or to be re-debited within the limits of the relevant prescription.For every reassured fine will be charged an amount equal to EURO 60.00 to the driver / customer of the rented vehicle on the credit card left as a guarantee at the time of the rental contract or EURO 50.00 to the customer who was not in possession of the credit card and has made the rental with CASH FORMULA leaving the deposit of EURO 50.00 for 180 days at our agencies (EURO 100.00 for rentals from 14 to 29 days, EURO 150 for rentals over 30 days).

Pick-up out of hours?

Pick-up out of office hours has an additional cost of € 25,00 incl. VAT and must be quoted by our staff.

What does fuel service mean?

The customer / driver is obliged to return the vehicle at the end of the rental, with a full tank of fuel and to make sure it’s recorded by the station manager of Frank Autonoleggio at the time of check-in.In case of non-refueling, the Customer will be charged the cost of the Fuel Restoration Service consisting of a fixed amount and a flat-rate.The fixed amount of the service is € 15.00 + VAT will be charged to the customer in addition to a flat rate applied by Frank Autonoleggio for the missing liters, calculated at a price higher than the market price.

Will costs for oil or maintenance be refunded?

Any costs for oil will be refunded upon presentation of a regular invoice in the name of Frank Srl No maintenance fees or oil addition will be refunded to the customer without any authorization from the desk or administration staff

Is it possible to have a form to authorize another person to rent the car?

Just ask our staff the form and it will be given to you personally or sent by post or fax or download it, fill it in and send it by mail or deliver it to Frank offices at the time of rental.

Are online rates valid only for credit card holders?

Yes, prices are intended only for credit card holders. Cash rental has a daily surcharge of € 20.00

What are the principles for using a credit card?

The principles of using the credit card: ACCESS RENTAL: To access the rental you need to present at the beginning of the rent a credit card in the name of the person who physically collects the vehicle, or who signs the rental letter.Where two credit cards are required, these must always be in the name of the person who comes to collect the vehicle and signs the rental contract.The credit card is considered necessary as a guarantee of the rental, so it is mandatory to present it in the agency even in the case of a prepaid reservation.Credit card means only the one with the numbers stamped in relief belonging to the main banking circuits: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners.SECURITY DEPOSIT: At the beginning of the rental, a sum is deposited on the credit card as a deposit at the discretion of the Lessor.This deposit is referred to the type of vehicle rented.This deposit is not a charge, but only an amount "temporarily blocked" on the credit card as a guarantee at the time of collecting the vehicle.THE DEPOSIT OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT: The credit card cancellation takes place exclusively at the time of returning the vehicle and subsequent closure of the contract, usually using the guarantee requested at the beginning of the rent. In case of damage, any additional sum on the deposit  will be locked until the vehicle is restored with further documentation.If the unlocking does not take place promptly Frank Autonoleggio can not be held responsible for the additional time established by the Credit Institutes for the release of what is still bound after the end of the rental (usually 15-20 days from Frank Autonoleggio input )

Citizens not belonging to the European Union can rent in Italy?

Citizens not belonging to the European Union can only rent in Italy if they have an international driving license.

Is it allowed to transport animals?

We allow animals transport in our vehicles as long as the vehicle is returned clean and does not affect the next rental.

How old should be the driver?

The driver must be at least 21 years of age and must have a driving license at least from 1 year

Who can I ask for information to?

To get all the information or for your reservation, you can contact customer service at 06.48913412.If you prefer to send an email, go to the contact section fill out the form and send it to be contacted by one of our operators or contact us on one of our mobile numbers shown on our website.

What is not included in the rental price?

Additional insurance, for example Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).

When and how can I receive an invoice for a rental?

Once the rental is closed, invoice will be sent to your email address or by post to the address that has been indicated by you.Usually the invoice arrives after 5-7 days or at the end of the month.You can also contact the administration at the following number +39.06.44704365.

How long is it possible to pay the bill?

The rental is paid by cash at the return of the car or by credit card at the same time the bill is issued.The same is then sent by post.

What is prohibited and what are the restrictions with Frank car rental?

Frank Car Hire expects its customers to have a good sense of civic and moral conduct of their vehicles, please bring back the car in the best possible conditions, respecting all the rules and laws of the highway code.It is absolutely forbidden to use Frank cars: - To transport hazardous materials or prohibited by law.- To give driving lessons or push / pull other vehicles.- To transport people for a fee or participate in tenders or any kind of illegal activity.- Under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medicine.ATTENTION: The customer is held responsible for damage or road infraction and will be required to pay the full amount.You can take the car out of Italy only if you have previously accepted the conditions of the rental office and in accordance with the necessary procedures.

What should I do if I have been charged incorrectly?

Please compare your invoice with the rental start price to see if you have purchased some accessories (eg GPS, ski holder, etc ....) or if there are any payments for damages or fuel (if the car  should be returned with a fully or partially empty tank) or if the mileage is to be paid separately.

Is it possible to abandon the rental of snow chains?

Yes, it is possible to renounce the rental of snow chains by downloading and filling out the disclaimer of responsibility and deliver it at the time of rental.

What are the requirements for the rental?

The following requirements are mandatory and essential for renting with FRANK srl.All documents must be presented at our offices before collecting the car: DRIVING LICENSE: - It must always be exhibited in original;- Must be valid at the time of rental and expire after the expected return;- It must not have any abrasion or be damaged in such a way as to compromise its readability;- It must not have any corrections unless they are authenticated by the issuing authorities with a specific stamp;- Driving licenses without photography (such as those issued in Great Britain) or written in atypical characters (Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese etc.) must always be accompanied by a valid International Driving License.Exceptions are the licenses accompanied by a translation of the Italian Automobile Club or the Consulate and the Licenses issued in Greece in Greek, provided that they bear the words of the European Community "Permis de Conduire".The driving licenses of non-EU citizens resident in Italy for more than a year are no longer valid, while for EU citizens the validity is the one shown on the document itself;- Together with the driving license, foreign customers who pay by credit card or cash must present a second ID card. MINIMUM AGE: - The minimum age required is 21 years, with a driving license in progress. validity, issued for at least 1 year. GUARANTEE CREDIT TITLE: - Credit Card: the Credit Card must belong to the Charter Letter holder.Traditional Credit Cards (recognizable with numbers stamped on the card itself) must be issued by American Express, Visa, MasterCard.Where the credit cards required are 2, these must be of 2 different circuits (one of which does not belong to the Visa / MasterCard circuit) and both in the name of the person who presents himself for collection of the car.As a guarantee, debit or rechargeable cards (eg Visa Electron, Postpay, Bancomat etc) are not accepted for luxury cars while for any other rent it is possible to rent with the "CASH" formula.- Bank Current Account Checks or cash qualification are accepted in different ways and measures.For this type of qualification please contact the Booking Center at +39 0648913412 and ask for more information.

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